Bronkhorst Calibration Centre

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited

The Bronkhorst Calibration Centre is accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) under registration number K 127. Herewith is certified that our laboratory’s Quality Assurance system, calibration methods and technical competences have been inspected and audited and meet all necessary requirements.

See ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certificate

Gas    Liquid    Pressure

Gas flow meter / controller calibrations and adjustments

All Bronkhorst instruments are factory calibrated using highly accurate calibration devices, traceable to (inter)national standards. In addition, accredited calibrations may be required for various reasons, e.g. to meet specific demands from authorities, or for instruments that will be used as reference standards. Based on many years of calibration experience in the field of mass flow and volume flow gas calibration (Bronkhorst has been active in this field since its founding in 1981), the company established a calibration laboratory. It was first accredited in 2010 for gas flow calibration services, including adjustments, can be offered in the range of 0.15 mln/min up to 6200 ln/min for both new and existing Bronkhorst gas flow meters / controllers and gas flow calibration devices. In addition the calibration centre can also perform gas flow calibrations for volumetric type of flow meters and other brands of mass flow meters/controllers.


  • Enhanced confidence of customers and authorities
  • Cost effective and avoiding expensive retesting
  • “One-stop service” for purchasing flow measuring equipment with accredited calibration
  • Qualified staff with quality first approach and an eye for customers needs
  • Excellent measurement capabilities
  • Actual gas calibrations

Scope for Mass flow calibration / Volume flow calibration

Gas MASS flow Gas VOLUME flow Gas MASS flow Gas VOLUME flow CMC 1)
 (Air)  (Air) (N2, Ar, CO2, He, H2)
other gases on request
(N2, Ar, CO2, He, H2)
other gases on request
 (at 21 ± 2°C and
 50 ± 20% RH)
(at 21 ± 2°C and
50 ± 20% RH)
(at 21 ± 2°C and
50 ± 20% RH) 
(at 21 ± 2°C and
50 ± 20% RH)
(% of Reading)
 0.15–0.66 mln/min2)  0.16–0.71 ml/min2)

0.15–0.66 mln/min4)

0.16–0.71 ml/min4)


 0.66–3.3 mln/min2)

0.71–3.5 ml/min2)

0.66–3.3 mln/min4)

0.71–3.5 ml/min4)


 3.3–15.5 mln/min2)

3.5–16.6 ml/min2)

3.3–15.5 mln/min4)

3.5–16.6 ml/min4)


 0.0155–21 ln/min2)

0.0166–22.5 l/min2)

0.0155–21 ln/min4)

0.0166–22.5 l/min4)


21–6202 ln/min3) 

22.5–6645 l/min3)

on request

on request 


1) Calibration and measurement capability (CMC): Demonstrated measurement uncertainty, with coverage probability of 95%, in a given measurement point or measurement range.
2) at 1…8 bar a 
3) at 1…7 bar a
4) at 1…10 bar a

Liquid flow and Pressure calibrations

In 2014 the Bronkhorst Calibration Centre moved to a new location, offering space for the extension of its services. In 2015 this resulted in the certification an extended scope, offering liquid flow calibrations for Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW (Coriolis) mass flow meters / controllers in the range of 1-200 g/h and pressure calibrations from 25 mbar up to 400 bar for Bronkhorst EL-PRESS pressure meters / controllers.

Liquid MASS flow CMC 1)
 (Demineralised water, at 1...9 bar a)  (k=2) 
 (at 21 ± 2°C and
 50 ± 20% RH)
(% of Reading)
 1-2 g/h 0.65%

 2-10 g/h


 10-200 g/h


Pressure CMC 1)
 (Test fluid N2)  (k=2) 
 (at 21 ± 2°C and
 50 ± 20% RH)
(% of Reading)
 0,025-400 bara 0.05%

 0,025-400 barg


Click here to review the scope at the website of the Dutch Accreditation Council (Raad voor Accreditatie- RvA)


For more info see brochure Bronkhorst Calibration Centre

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