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Service capability

The Service and Calibration Laboratory in Bethlehem, PA has been specifically developed to meet the needs of our USA customers and, while fully traceable to National Standards, is intended to be flexible in its approach to providing practical service solutions.

This commitment is an extension of the collaborative culture of our company and ensures that essential back-up is always available to a time-scale that meets the needs of every industry sector. In parallel with the Bronkhorst Headquarters 24 hour / 7 days a week Help Line we can provide in-house services that include same-day, next-day and standard turn-around.

                    Global Service Certificate                       

The office houses a complete Sales and Service support organization, and is dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our 6,000 SqFt facility provides direct customer service and support with a fully equipped laboratory.  This service laboratory permits full service, re-calibration, and re-sizing capabilities for Bronkhorst existing end user customer base along with final assembly and test for newly purchased devices required by OEMs or quick shipment to our end users.

 Multiple Gas Calibration and Pressure Testing Station

200 SqFt Cleanroom Capabilities
(Class 10,000 Room & Class 100 Laminar Flow Bench)

Multiple Gas Calibrations Clean
Facility and General Lab areas
Multi-gas calibration station in Cleanroom
(Class 10,000) up to 400 slpm Air

  • Gas calibration capabilities include Air up to 1,250 slpm and actual gas calibrations on H2, N2, Ar, He and CO2 up to 10 slpm
  • A liquid calibration station is included in support of the rapidly growing installed base of low flow liquid measurement and control Mass Flow Meters and Controllers.  Flow capabilities range from 0.5 g/h up to 2.0 kg/h.
  • A variety of support testing and quality control instrumentation is also included to provide such quality checks as helium leak detection and pressure vessel integrity.

The USA Service Department capabilities include :

  • Inspection, repair and calibration of Bronkhorst Gas Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
  • Inspection, repair and calibration of Bronkhorst Liquid Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
  • Inspection, repair and calibration of Bronkhorst Coriolis principle Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
  • Inspection, repair and calibration of Bronkhorst Electronic Pressure Controllers
  • Small quantity assembly of EL-FLOW® products
  • Special systems assembly, inspection, repair and calibration
  • Service Contracts

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