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FLUIDAT® on the Net


At the company Bronkhorst where mass flow meters for gases and liquids are manufactured, many physical properties of fluids are used. For example, the density and heatcapacity at atmospheric conditions are used for calibration of flow instruments. The accuracy of the instruments is a/o defined by the precision of the numerical data of the fluids. Information on the fluid is also necessary in the production process to configure an instrument. For instance the vapor pressure is needed to detect whether a fluid is in gas- or in liquid state at certain conditions. Therefore an easy and flexible access to the physical data of a fluid is very important. These problems were an important motivation for Bronkhorst to choose for a source which is easy accessible. For this purpose, computer routines were developed, which generate physical fluid properties based on theoretical calculation methods. The collection of calculation routines is called FLUIDAT®. Therse routines are made available at the FLUIDAT on the Net website.

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