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mini CORI-FLOW™ Coriolis Mass Flow Meters


mini CORI-FLOW™ series by Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. are precise and compact Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, based on the Coriolis measuring principle. Designed to cover the needs of the low flow market, there are 4 models to overlap flow ranges from 5 g/h up to 300 kg/h (full scale values), each offering “scalable range” functionality: factory calibrated ranges can be rescaled by the user, maintaining the original accuracy specs. The instruments are equipped with a robust IP65 weatherproof housing.

Superior Coriolis flow sensor

Instruments of the mini CORI-FLOW™ series contain a uniquely shaped, single loop sensor tube, forming part of an oscillating system. When a fluid flows through the tube, Coriolis forces cause a variable phase shift, which is detected by sensors and fed into the integrally mounted pc-board. The resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate. Coriolis mass flow measurement is fast, accurate and inherently bi-directional. The mini CORI-FLOW™ features density and temperature of the fluid as secondary outputs.

Fields of application

mini CORI-FLOW™ instruments can be applied for both gases and liquids in process fluid measurement or control systems in semiconductor processing, in fuel cell technology, in food, (petro-) chemical and pharmaceutical industries or analytical installations (e.g. GC, HPLC or SFC systems measuring / dosing supercritical CO2) and in liquid dosing systems for micro reactors, amongst many others.


  • direct mass flow measurement, independent of fluid properties
  • high accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • easy to re-range (scalable range)
  • IP40 or IP65 design, ATEX approval Cat.3, Zone 2 (option)
  • metal-sealed construction
  • optional bi-directional measurement
  • additional density and temperature outputs
  • standard analog 0…5(10) Vdc and 0(4)…20 mA and digital communication
  • optional fieldbus interface (DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus-RTU or FLOW-BUS; EtherCAT®, only for series ML120) 
  • alarm and (batch) counter functions


Model Lowest range Nominal range Highest range*
ML120 0.05…5 g/h 1…100 g/h 2…200 g/h
M12 0.1…5 g/h 1…100 g/h 2…200 g/h
M13 1…50 g/h 10…1000 g/h 20…2000 g/h
M14 0.03…1 kg/h 0.1…10 kg/h 0.3…30 kg/h
M15 0.2...5 kg/h 1...100 kg/h  3...300 kg/h

* Maximum capacities depend on the available pressure difference across the mass flow meter, especially when used on gases.


For more information see our brochures:
mini CORI-FLOW Series ML120 - Coriolis Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for (ultra) low flow rates
mini CORI-FLOW Series M12-M14 - Compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for Liquids and Gases 
mini CORI-FLOW Series M15 Compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for Liquids and Gases

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