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mini CORI-FLOW™ Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers


The pc-board of a mini CORI-FLOW™ Mass Flow device features integrated, adaptable PID control for fast and smooth control of any electronically driven control valve. Depending on the application this could be an integrated direct acting valve or a separately mounted valve for special tasks, e.g. a pressure actuated control valve. Integrated control valves for liquid applications have a purge connection on top of the sleeve that enables easy elimination of air or gas when starting up the system. For liquid dosing Bronkhorst offers an alternative way to control the flow. Instead of using a control valve, the Coriolis flow meter can be combined with a gear pump, thus eliminating the need of pressurising the liquid source.

Alternative to Thermal Gas Mass Flow Controllers

Compared to traditional thermal MFCs, Coriolis based flow controllers offer better accuracy and independence of fluid properties. There are no moving parts or obstructions in the flow path. Furthermore the Coriolis sensor is by nature faster than a sensor based on heat transfer. mini CORI-FLOW™ flow controllers have the same footprint as typical thermal MFCs for equivalent flow ranges. Also electrically the instruments feature the same analog (0-5 Vdc / 4-20 mA) and digital (RS232) outputs as a standard, with optional interface to PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet™, Modbus-RTU or FLOW-BUS.

As per the Mass Flow Meter, the enclosure of the Mass Flow Controller is rugged, weatherproof (IP65). The PN100 rated control valves are available in normally closed (nc) and normally opened (no) configuration.

Integrated control valve options:
V10I  : Gas flow control valve (nc)
V11I  : Gas flow control valve (no)
V14I  : Liquid flow control valve (nc)

Fields of applications

mini CORI-FLOW™ Meters/Controllers are suitable for applications in industrial environment (incl. ATEX Cat.3 Zone 2 as an option), laboratories and OEM installations in the following markets (typically):

  • pilot plants
  • fuel cell technology
  • semiconductor processing
  • food & pharmaceutical industries
  • analytical installations
  • liquid dosing systems for micro reactors
  • plasma surface technology
  • (petro-) chemical industries


In addition to the features already mentioned for the Mass Flow Meters, mini CORI-FLOW™ Controllers offer:

  • fast and stable control
  • integrated electronics with PID controller
  • very compact design: same footprint as thermal MFC
  • metallic outer seals; Kalrez® plunger seat


Model Lowest range Nominal range Highest range
ML120V21 0.1…5 g/h 2…100 g/h 4…200 g/h
M12V1NI 0.1…5 g/h 2…100 g/h 4…200 g/h
M13V1NI 1…50 g/h 20…1000 g/h 40…2000 g/h
M14V1NI 0.03…1 kg/h 0.2…10 kg/h 0.6…30 kg/h
M15 + Valve 0.2...5 kg/h 1...100 kg/h 3...300 kg/h


For more information see our brochures:
mini CORI-FLOW Series ML120 - Coriolis Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for (ultra) low flow rates
mini CORI-FLOW Series M12-M14 - Compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for Liquids and Gases 
mini CORI-FLOW Series M15 Compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for Liquids and Gases

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