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Zeroing a Coriolis Instrument

Proper installation and start up of a Coriolis instrument includes zeroing the meter before usage. Zeroing the meter, with the unit full of fluid and a no flow condition, allows the meter to "know" the zero point.

Due to mechanical construction of the sensor tubes each Coriolis sensor will have a very small offset signal, even when the mass flow is zero. This is called the zero-stability error and is specified for accuracy separately for all Coriolis instruments. This error can be neutralized after performing a zeroing procedure.

Each time process conditions or have been changed significantly, or in case the (ambient) temperature has changed considerably, a Coriolis instrument needs to be zeroed in order to get rid of the offset error due to zero-stability. At the very least the first time an instrument is used after (re)installation, a zero procedure will be required.

In short, for proper measurement with a Coriolis instrument you must zero the instrument.

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