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Vaccine Company Reduces Calibration Time and Effort

Like companies in many industries, a leader in vaccine manufacture came to Bronkhorst looking for a solution to their calibration challenges.  The instrumentation they were using for calibration checks was neither accurate enough nor robust enough to withstand life on their plant floor calibration cart.  Calibration took far more time than it should have and was less accurate than desired.

Sometimes the answer to an annoying issue can be a simple solution. The Bronkhorst solution was to recommend an EL-FLOW Select mass flow meter with the optional BRIGHT local readout/control unit.  The one meter covered 90% of their calibration requirements.  Having an instrument that could withstand daily use in the calibration cart meant instruments could be calibrated on the plant floor rather than being removed and taken to the instrument shop. The BRIGHT display local to the calibration removed the necessity of using a walkie-talkie to communicate with the control room to learn what the Device Under Test was reading; another huge saver of time and effort.  The customer will see additional savings as future mass flow meters will be ordered with multiple and selectable calibration curves.

About Bronkhorst USA
Bronkhorst USA Inc., based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania offers smart, low flow fluidics handling solutions which include the world’s smallest and lowest flow Coriolis meters and controllers (mini CORI-FLOW™), thermal mass flow meters and controllers (EL-FLOW and MASS-STREAM), pressure meters and controllers, vapor delivery modules, and associated electronics and software.

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