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Interface with LabVIEW

Bronkhorst developed a driver for easy integration of FLOW-BUS based instruments in LabVIEW applications. The driver simplifies the communication with our instruments and reduces the time required for constructing a system set-up, due to the adoption of the FLOW-BUS protocol.

The Bronkhorst FLOW-BUS Driver is a National Instrument (NI) certified LabVIEW plug and play driver, compatible with all FLOW-BUS based instruments. This includes instruments with
FLOW-BUS interface (fieldbus devices) as well as instruments with an RS232 connection, using FLOW-BUS as internal protocol. The driver offers functionalities to read and adjust the majority of the available parameters of a FLOW-BUS device. Advanced functions that are missing can easily be added, thanks to the structure of the driver.

Drivers certified by National Instruments meet their standards for quality and usability. They are also endorsed by NI, which means that NI will support the drivers code (incl. updating the code for new versions of LabVIEW) and that NI will assist users to add extra functionalities.

To get started with the driver, start-up LabVIEW and install the driver from the Instrument Driver Finder, integrated in LabVIEW, or download the driver from the National Instruments Instrument Driver Network (IDNet) via the link on our website: Detailed information about the installation, operation and expansion of the driver can be found in our instruction manual that can be downloaded via the following link: FLOW-BUS LabVIEW manual

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