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Automotive Emissions Testing

The Ford Motor Company designs and tests onboard automotive electronics in their Dearborn, MI Research Lab. Ford Engineer Mike Parsons, in their emissions lab, was tasked with the testing and development of next generation sensors for automotive emissions and engine control. Using actual products of combustion for this testing is difficult and presents many problems in a laboratory environment. Mike knew that for the particular testing that he was doing, engine exhaust could be simulated by water vapor in nitrogen gas, provided that the water was sufficiently atomized and in the proper concentration. (Photo by Ian Merrit) >>

The Bronkhorst Controlled Evaporation Mixer, or CEM for short, is exactly what Ford needed. The CEM system delivers a precise amount of liquid into a controlled carrier gas stream. For Ford’s application, water was the liquid and nitrogen was the carrier gas. Both the liquid and the gas flow rates are measured by Bronkhorst meters and the flow of each is precisely controlled. The CEM system also includes the 3-way atomizing chamber whose outlet is the exact mass flow of water and nitrogen that is required by the application. Ford is completely satisfied with the Bronkhorst CEM solution, and we are proud to have a small role in delivering the high quality cars and trucks.

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