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08-02-2016 Automotive Emissions Testing
04-01-2016 Reactor Vessel Pressure Control
29-10-2015 CORI-FILL is Faster and More Accurate than Weighing Scales
23-09-2015 Bronkhorst CEM Systems for NASA Research (application article)
31-08-2015 Anhydrous Ammonia Control for NOx Reduction (application article)
25-08-2015 Vaporizer for Glass Surface Treatment (application article)
30-07-2015 OEM Reduces Components and Increases Advantage (application article)
07-07-2015 Mass Flow Control Improves Electron Collider (application article)
18-05-2015 Coriolis Control Enables Cost Saving Vapor (application article)
08-05-2015 Cost Savings by Dosing at Low Rates (application article)
29-04-2015 Cori Tech Helps Candy Manufacturer (application article)
17-04-2015 Carbon Capture CO2 measurement (application article)
11-02-2015 Liquid Propane Injection at Biogas Production Plants (application article)
19-09-2014 Coating of medical devices (application article)
20-08-2014 Dosing system for clearer vision (application article)
27-06-2014 Raw Ingredient Dosing (Process&Control)
Micro Fluidic Flow and Pressure Control Modules for Integration Into Compact Systems

By: J.C. Lötters; Bronkhorst High-Tech BV
Published in: Gases&Technology Sept/Oct 2005

New generation of digital mass flow controllers for MOVPE of III-V compound semiconductor devices

By: J.C. Lötters, Bronkhorst High-Tech.
Presented at the Compound Semiconductor Week 2005 congress in Monterey, CA, USA.

Liquid Flow Sensor for Nano- and Micro-flow ranges

By: J.C. Lötters, Bronkhorst High-Tech BV.
Published in: Sensor Review, Vol.25, Nr.1, 2005

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