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About digital "multibus" mass flow & pressure meters and controllers

Digital = Standard

All mass flow and pressure meters/controllers are equipped with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication and remotely adjustable control settings. These digital instruments from Bronkhorst offer great flexibility thanks to the "multibus" concept, whereby the instruments can be equipped with an on-board interface with DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus RTU/ASCII, EtherCAT® or FLOW-BUS protocol.

General specifications

  • based on a 32-bit micro controller with FLASH memory
  • analog input/output: 0...5 Vdc, 0...10 Vdc, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA (sourcing)
  • valve output can be monitored
  • 2 LED's for status indication
  • 1 multi-functional switch for digital functions
  • rotary switches for selecting the node address and the DeviceNet™ data rate
  • configuration software for operation and service is available (through RS232)
  • best accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading plus +/- 0.1% full scale (based on actual calibration)
  • up to 8 calibration curves
  • Gas MFC's with fast response - settling times down to 150 msec (see graph)


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Fieldbus specifications



Bronkhorst digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers can be directly used as PROFIBUS DP slaves. By using the SPC3-Asic of Siemens Baud rates of up to 12 MBaud can be achieved.



The PROFINET protocol is 100% Ethernet-compatible and is used for data exchange between IO-Controllers (PLC, etc.) and IO-Devices (slaves, field devices). It uses the proven communication model and application view of PROFIBUS DP and extends it by Ethernet as the communication medium.



The DeviceNet™ interface was developed in accordance with SEMI E54, the standard for sensors and actuators.


Bronkhorst digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers can be connected to Modbus as a Modbus slave.



Bronkhorst digital Mass Flow and Pressure Meters / Controllers can be supplied as EtherCAT® slave devices. This fieldbus system offers short cycle times with low communication jitter and low hardware costs.


FLOW-BUS is a fieldbus, designed by Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, based on RS485 technology, for digital communication between digital devices, offering the possibility of host-control by PC.

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