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Compact Fluid Dosing

Accurate and repeatable
dosing of

  • Additives

  • Flavors

  • Colors

  • Fragrances


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Mass Flow or Volume Flow ?

Bronkhorst manufactures the largest variety of flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids.
(mini) CORI-FLOW™ mass flow meters and controllers use the Coriolis measuring principle, covering flow rates 50 mg/h up to 600 kg/h. ES-FLOW™ instruments are volumetric liquid flow meters for flow ranges between 4 and 1500 ml/min. The instruments operate on an innovative measuring principle, using ultrasound in a very small, straight tube. Both measuring principles, as applied by Bronkhorst, are independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity. Flow meters can be combined with integrated or separate control valves. Alternatively, flow control can be achieved by using a close-coupled pump.


Control valve or controlled pump ?

The concept of using a straight forward flow controller is simple and economical. It requires a certain head pressure, which can be achieved by pressurizing a vessel filled with liquid, for instance by using an inert gas blanket. In some applications this method is not possible or not recommended. The alternative of using a pump for fluid transfer seems logical, but was not always advisable because of the pulsating flow pattern of most low-flow pumps.

Bronkhorst offers Compact Dosing Solutions for (very) low liquid flow rates, consisting of a flow sensor of the ES-FLOW™ or (mini) CORI-FLOW™ series with controlling function, a pump, an optional particle filter and interconnecting materials. Bronkhorst will take care of electrical and mechanical connection, testing and optimization including the PID-integrated controller.

In addition to a series of standard, low-flow pumps, a variety of pumps can be offered for applications which require higher flow rates, higher pressures, large turndown ratios or aggressive fluids. Further to operation in analog mode, the dosing solutions can also be used digitally via RS232 or using an on-board interface to PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet™, Modbus-RTU or FLOW-BUS. For the lowest flow ranges (up to 200 g/h) also PROFINET or EtherCAT® fieldbus options are available.


  • Simple and compact assembly; factory tested and easy to use
  • No need to pressurize liquid source
  • Pump controlled by Bronkhorst flow meter with adjustable PID-controller via output signal
  • Direct flow measurement/control
  • High accuracy and stability (nearly pulse free)
  • Desired flow to be set via: analog 0…5(10) V / 0(4)...20 mA or digital communication by RS232 or fieldbus


Our Compact Dosing Solutions offer precise, automated flow control of reactants, additives or catalysts in:

  • Analytical laboratories and systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical and Offshore industry
  • Food and Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Energy (fuel cells)

CORI-FILL™ Technology

for ultra-fast and precise batch dosing using Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers

CORI-FILL™ is a firmware which is integrated in our Coriolis mass flow meters/controllers (mini CORI-FLOW series) as well as our ultrasonic volumetric flow meters/controllers (ES-FLOW series). The technology features an integrated batch counter function with functionality to directly control shut-off valves, proportional valves or (gear) pumps. It's an alternative to the more traditional gravimetric method or simply relying on the repeatability of pumps without measuring the true flow.


  • Ultra-fast and precise batch dosing
  • Excellent traceability, every batch can be monitored/stored
  • Automatic and adjustable correction algorithm
  • Mass flow and volume flow
  • Additional density and temperature output

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