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Mass Flow Controller, Gas and Liquid Flow Control Products by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Bronkhorst High-Tech, established in 1981, has become todays European market leader for thermal mass flow meters and controllers. The instruments are used in chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry, car industry and medical technology, etc.. The wide product range of instruments for gas and liquid flow measurement and control can be used for monitoring or dosage of just a few microlitres up to hundred thousands of cubic feet per hour. Also, Bronkhorst is specialized in compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for low flow rates and suitable for all kinds of applications in industrial, chemical, medical and laboratory environments. In combination with gear pumps or shut-off valves, compact liquid mass flow dosing systems can be offered, e.g. as alternative to volumetric filling and dosing methods.

Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. delivers high quality mass flow metering and control instruments of Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., not requiring customer specific advice or a quotation. All relevant information can be found online. Order today and we’ll ship your order within two working days. Selecting and buying online saves time and is cost-efficient.

ODVA: Bronkhorst is member of this organization that supports network technologies built on the Common Industrial Protocol. One of these is DeviceNet, a fieldbus for which Bronkhorst can offer an integrated interface on their digital "multibus" instruments.

Bronkhorst has been member of the SEMI Organisation for many years. SEMI is the global organisation for the advanced semiconductor industry. Members are entitled to participate at events like workshops and exhibitions organised by SEMI and have access to a full range of products and services.

At Bronkhorst headquarters, where mass flow meters for gases and liquids are manufactured, many physical properties of fluids are used, e.g. density, specific heat, viscosity, vapor pressure. For this purpose, computer routines were developed, which generate physical fluid properties based on theoretical calculation methods. The collection of calculation routines is called FLUIDAT®. These routines are made available for Bronkhorst customers at the FLUIDAT on the Net website.

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